About the BioProtect Balloon Implant

Enabling safe dose escalation and hypofractionation

Prostate-Balloon-Implant-in-situ1The BioProtect Balloon Implant, now commercially available in Europe, is indicated for prostate cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.  The biodegradable balloon separates the prostate and rectum allowing physicians to radiate prostate tumors while sparing healthy rectal tissue. With the balloon implant, safe dose escalation and hypofractionation are finally possible, dramaticallydecreasing the chances of patient G2 rectal toxicity and improving biochemical tumor control.

The BioProtect Balloon Implant has the CE mark and is commercially available in Europe

BioProtect Balloon Implant presents huge advantages

  • Safe distance for dose escalation

    A safe 1.8 cm distance between prostate and rectum is created enabling dose escalation and hypofractionation. This dramatically reduces the risk for radiation-related complications.

  • Visible under CT, Ultrasound and MRI

    Balloon boundaries are highly visible under any imaging modality.

  • Reproducible separation

    A confined structure with a defined volume enable reproducible separation.

  • Simple deployment

    Simple transperineal deployment is possible under local or general anesthesia.

  • Biodegradable

    No need to remove the balloon surgically as it biodegrades within six months from implantation.