Publications in Radiation Oncology

Radiation-oncology-logoThree papers were accepted to be published in Radiation Oncology:

  • A study titled: Prostate stereotactic body radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost: which is the best planning method?

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  • A study titled: Feasibility and radiation induced toxicity regarding the first application of transperineal implementation of biocompatible balloon for high dose radiotherapy in patients with prostate carcinoma

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  • A study titled: Application of an interstitial and biodegradable balloon system for prostate-rectum separation during prostate cancer radiotherapy: a prospective multi-center study

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Publication in prestigious Green Journal

GreenA multi-center study using the BioProtect Balloon Implant titled, “Interstitial biodegradable balloon for reduced rectal dose during prostate radiotherapy: Results of a virtual planning investigation based on the pre- and post-implant imaging data of an international multicenter study” was accepted to Radiotherapy and Oncology, known as the Green Journal.

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Levy et al. Biodegradable Inflatable Balloon for Reducing Radiation Adverse Effects in Prostate Cancer. J Biomed Mater 2009
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Ben-Yosef et al. A Novel Device for Protecting Rectum During Prostate Cancer Irradiation: In Vivo Data on a Large Mammal Model, Journal of Urology, 2009


Charas et. al, Perineal Biodegradable Balloon is Effective for both Sparing the Rectum and as a Fiducial Marker in Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Mild Hypofractionation. Presented at ASTRO 2013.

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Melchert et al., Prostate Dose Escalation Potential with Less Rectal Dose by Using a Biodegradable Inflatable Balloon System: Dosimetry Results of a Multi-Center Study. Presented at ESTRO 2011.

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G. Kovacs et al.Transperineal Approach Insertion of Pro-Space, A Novel Biodegradable Inflatable Balloon System for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy: Results of 24 Cases from a Prospective Multi-Center Study

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G. Kovacs et al. Significant Rectal Dose Reduction During Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Using Novel Biodegradable Inflatable Balloon System: Interim Results of a Prospective Multi-Center Study. Presented at ASTRO 2010

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